As your business matures and develops, there comes a time when you need to start investing in your brand presence. Whether it’s updating your logo, designing a fresh website or placing advertising in marquis publications to reach your target audience, smart brand marketing can elevate the awareness for your business and drive more results.

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"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

-- Steve Forbes --

Percentage of consumers who recommend brands based on the emotional connection they have with them.


Number of times your brand visibility increases when you present your brand consistently across all channels.


Percentage of consumers who make purchases based on the brand name over the product name.

Importance of Working with an Experienced Brand Marketing Agency

As your business grows and becomes exposed to more audiences, it’s critical that you align your branding with a consistent brand voice and brand style. At the same time, it’s also critical that you control and influence your company’s brand message in the marketplace.

Generally speaking, there are three main ways to create brand awareness and generate sales:

Owned Media

Your branded assets, like your website, social media pages, YouTube channels, etc.

Earned Media

Unpaid coverage by outside sources, such a feature story in a publication, mentions by industry bloggers and third-party reviews.

Paid Media

Purchased and sponsored media, including traditional advertising and digital media.

A strong brand marketing strategy will consider the essential needs for your business across all of these marketing channels.

That’s where Dragon Horse Agency comes in. Our expertise in creating unique, memorable brand marketing assets, and then finding the most effective media channels for your budget and audience, can help you scale your marketing efforts and increase sales.

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Brand Creation & Development

Whether you’re a new business that needs a logo created, or an existing business looking to expand awareness and brand recognition, it’s important to craft a unique set of assets and a brand story that truly expresses your brand identity. Clients rely on Dragon Horse to provide high-quality brand assets, including logos, brand positioning content, brand style guides and of course, the powerful, effective websites they need to accomplish their business goals.

Media Buying

Never has the media mix portion of your advertising strategy been more important or complex. Knowing the right media channels, stations, publications and schedules to reach your audience takes a great deal of ongoing research and testing. At Dragon Horse, we stay on top of audience trends and ensure your brand exposure matches your goals, whether that’s by way of a glossy magazine article, paid search, digital audio advertising, or yes, even a TikTok ad if that’s where your audience is.

Graphic Design

A consistent brand voice across all media channels is essential to increased awareness and can drive more sales. From logo creation and style guides to websites and multi-channel advertising campaigns, let Dragon Horse create a consistent brand experience for your audience!

Video Marketing

There’s nothing more powerful than video when it comes to brand awareness. In fact, brand association among consumers increases approximately 139% after watching a video. In today’s marketplace, you need the critical video assets to tell your brand story and open up powerful opportunities to connect with your audience. Let Dragon Horse help you craft the video experiences that will resonate.

Digital Marketing

The average US consumer spends approximately 7 hours online every day. To influence your brand recognition, you must have a strong online brand presence as well. From websites to social media, rely on Dragon Horse Agency to help you develop the online brand strategy you need to grow and thrive.

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