FAHRENHEIT, named for Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (1686- 1736), Prussian physicist who proposed the scale in 1714. An abstract surname meaning literally “experience.”

Welcome to Fahrenheit Friday! Here I take time to share personal learning or experience of our tribe, the women of MOXIE. We all have hundreds of experiences a day, most are not awesome, nor are they significant. However every so often, one qualifies as a “pearl” and we are making a pearl necklace. In creating the pearl necklace of our lives, these powerful pearls get added to the necklace creating powerful shifts in understanding. As the length of the necklace grows, so does our confidence and the frequency of significate experiences. We all function at the highest level of consciousness that we are, so when we know better we do better (Thank you, Maya Angelou!). In sharing and learning from each other, we all have the opportunity grow and support one another.

In this community, we are not “taking one for the team.” We are the team, supporting and empowering one another with our valuable learning so we can create and empower ourselves to be the best of ourselves, resulting in being the best we have to offer to our friends and families. Buckle up for the journey of a lifetime and welcome… to Life with MOXIE.

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