Fall is a calling, not just a color. With fall pending and living in a tropical area, I’m itching to travel to see the changing colors. I’m always drawn toward the deeper meaning of fall, understanding the overpowering need to “let go” of things. The trees changing, showing their colors and then dropping. We humans have parallel fall experiences too, as we’ve essentially maintained ourselves through the summer. As fall comes with the temperature dropping, scenery morphing, food offerings changing and time seemingly speeding up as the holidays beginning to rush at us, we too feel the need to shed what we are done with. This includes everything from people to pants.

Fall is a calling. A calling to refresh our wardrobe, to refresh our food choices with local, seasonal ingredients and refresh our tribe. Our tribe, those in our inner circle are those with the most powerful influence over how we emerge. The saying is, that if your 4 closest friends are poor, you’ll be the 5th… as shallow as it may appear, it proves itself time and time again. We can replace poor with empowering, negative, inspiring, demeaning and it still rings true. I find this especially important for women. We are so often giving ourselves away because we don’t know how to say no, as a result we are getting sucked in to experiences that are not in our best interest because of those we allow around us. It’s time to edit the collection of all things we value and bring it down to the highest quality few. Leaving us with less to manage and a higher return on investment.

To get there, it may take a serious come to Jesus session with yourself, and that’s a good thing. Be it with a mini journey to your favorite reading corner with a glass of wine and a notebook, or a weekend away, by yourself, to reset and plan for the new you. Letting go of all things and people that are no longer serving your best self. Wanderlust, the desire to travel to understand one’s very existence… take the journey to yourself.

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