Dragon Horse Agency Named a Top Advertising Agency

in the United States 2023 by UpCity


Naples, Florida – January 29, 2024 – Dragon Horse Agency is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized as a “Top Advertising Agency in the United States in 2023” by UpCity.

Every year, UpCity’s Best of Awards honors B2B service providers’ tremendous work within rotating focus areas. In 2023, they celebrated the best providers based on the UpCity comprehensive review score. UpCity’s top-rated advertising agencies identify trustworthy and experienced partners. Through quality advertising services, insights, strategy, and support, these selected trustworthy agencies upgrade digital advertising, brand awareness, SEO, content marketing strategy, and more for businesses across the USA.

UpCity helps businesses find B2B service providers they can TRUSTWith over 50,000 listed providers with UpCity from marketing agencies to accounting firms to HR consultants, and many more—1.5 million businesses (and counting) have visited UpCity to identify the best trusted partner for their needs. UpCity’s mission is to facilitate successful, trusted relationships, so they created their data driven Recommendability Rating to help guide rankings and recommend the top service providers in each local market and nationally.

UpCity was founded in 2009 to help businesses navigate the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. As the number of marketing service providers grew, so did the challenges for businesses searching for information they could trust to drive their decisions. UpCity launched a core resource in 2017 to empower successful relationships between businesses and marketing service providers by providing transparent, trustworthy information.

UpCity’s selections follow the following criteria:

  1. UpCity doesn’t just take any review we receive. Fighting fake reviews is something they take seriously; therefore, they have a quality team dedicated to reviewing authentication.
  2. UpCity is not pay-for-play.
  3. UpCity believes in building long-lasting relationships with partners and the businesses that visit their site.

Upon receiving this award, Mr. Blake Renda, the Co-Founder, and co-CEO of Dragon Horse Agency, said, “Dragon Horse Agency wants to express their tremendous gratitude to UpCity for the esteemed honor and recognition. Dragon Horse Agency has built a reputation of integrity and for delivering excellence and exhibiting a disciplined approach towards clients and their brands. As fiduciaries to brands, Dragon Horse Agency remains committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence, innovation, creativity, design, and strategy. The agency’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation drives it to produce exceptional work and results for our clients in a world drowning in a tsunami of messaging. This accolade is a testament to our team of Dragons’ commitment to excellence.”

About Dragon Horse Agency

Dragon Horse is a highly regarded enterprise business marketing firm established in 2015. Dragon Horse Agency has received multiple awards for its outstanding services and excellence. Dragon Horse Agency provides award-winning services assisting its clients in achieving optimal business and brand success—Dragon Horse Agency is a Fiduciary to Brands.


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