Dragon Horse Agency was awarded “Best Advertising Agency” in Gulfshore Business Magazine’s ninth annual Best of Business awards 2021.

“We are honored to have been voted best agency, and even more honored that our clients have given us the privilege to do the work that got us here—we only shine because they gave us the opportunity to make them shine!” said Dragon Horse President and Founder Julie Koester, regarding having won the award. Dragon Horse Chief Strategy Officer and Founder Patrick Blake Renda said, “We alerted our clients very early in 2020 about the potential business ramifications of a major pandemic. We implemented new strategies allowing them to operate throughout the pandemic and continue to grow, resulting in, for some, increased revenue growth from the previous year. For one non-profit client whose three-day outdoor art show was a victim of the government shut-down days before the show, we pivoted overnight, putting the entire show online.  We created a stunning, interactive website in a matter of days for over 250 artists and all their art, allowing our client to continue with the art show resulting in what otherwise would have been lost income for the artists and the non-profit. We’ve gone above and beyond over the past year, incorporating extensive business strategy and marketing initiatives to ensure that all of our clients not only stayed in business but were in a better position to grow as we came out of it.”

“After five years together, it’s my pleasure to give the team at Dragon Horse Agency my highest and unconditional recommendation for anyone seeking phenomenal results!”—Scott S. Restaurateur.

Among the many Dragon Horse accolades by satisfied clients, national retailer Sheryl H. said, “It is evident through your work that you are the best and the most creative agency in southwest Florida. I could tell the moment I met you that you were passionate about what you do, and you enjoy driving award-winning campaigns for various brands and companies. It is a privilege to work with you and your team in envisioning the future of my brand.”

“After five years together, it’s my pleasure to give the team at Dragon Horse Agency my highest and unconditional recommendation for anyone seeking phenomenal results!”—Scott S. Restaurateur.

Proud to Accept Best Advertising Agency Award

As the selection for this year’s Best Advertising Agency, Dragon Horse Agency approaches business in the spirit of China’s 10th century Dragon Horse, for which they are named. According to legend, the dragon horse appeared as a powerful omen of future success. It is said to have emerged from the mist of the yellow river carrying a map on its back, ascended to the altar, laid down the map, and returned to the river. In the team’s own words, they are here to provide clients with the most valuable and efficient plan to succeed in their business, assembling experts to execute that plan while tracking the success of their clients.

This year marks the ninth annual Gulfshore Business Magazine Best of Business readers’ poll. Of the thousands of votes received, one winner and two finalists in each of the 35 categories were selected through online polling, requiring each participant to provide their name and email address to cast only one ballot.

For more information about Dragon Horse Agency services, please visit them online or contact Patrick Blake Renda, Chief Strategy Officer, at pbr@dragonhorseagency.com

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