Dragon Horse Agency proudly announces that our “Mother of Dragons,” Julie W. Koester, has been named a Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner for 2023.

Julie is the Founder, Managing Partner, and President of Dragon Horse Agency. She is a creative force behind Dragon’s programs and services. Dragon Horse Agency works with customers to create individualized plans tailored to their unique objectives and goals by utilizing their marketing experience and expertise.

Julie holds a unique position as a female entrepreneur and female leader. When asked about lessons she has learned, she said,

“There is tremendous value in being female in a leadership position, but it can only be harnessed with confidence. I have power in my position and choose to use it rarely and only as needed. I have a lot to say and have learned to spend most of my time listening to understand.  And I wear heels -they make me think faster and keep people paying attention.”

Dragon Horse Agency has faced numerous challenges during its existence. Yet, despite those obstacles, Julie has worked in adapting and investing in its customers and internal processes, which has led to multiple accolades and a soaring clientele.

Her advice to other women entrepreneurs?

“Women need to be aware of their advantages in the workplace. They shouldn’t be afraid to follow their passions, ideas, or dreams. Women in prior generations put a lot of effort into removing the ceilings and hurdles that limited access to opportunities. Women have the chance to shape our future right now.”

Great Companies sole purpose is to give credit and limelight to extraordinary entrepreneurs. They are accomplishing that purpose by providing a unique platform that looks to connect with ordinary people, making it big for themselves and the world at large.


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