It cannot be fall already! Weren’t we just enjoying a poolside barbecue? And don’t get us started on anything pumpkin spice. Since there’s no stopping time, let’s get onboard and look forward to what will be going on our beautiful selves over the next few months. No place better than our Truer than True Fashionista friends at Vogue to weigh in.

The return of street style as well as the instant documentation of it on social media has led to fashion heading from the runways to downtown at almost lightning speed, Vogue relays.  Minis are heading even further up, while everything else is just getting…bigger. Yes, maximalism returns in major form this season. Into fur? Make sure those fibers are longer. Thinking about a new A-line skirt? Wider, baby. Colors? As bright as humanly possible, please. And those prints just better be spotted a mile away.


From the outside in, the anti-statement statement coat has arrived just in time to usher in those cooler fall temps. Fur, consistently the dominant outerwear trend, has finally made way for the cleaner cut looks of a traditional fall coat. Fur will always have its place, but this season’s most photogenic coats are either long and lean with a bold color to boot, or vividly printed in bright patterns ranging from florals to geometric shapes and animal prints. If you’re a staunch fur-fan, you’ll be thrilled to find the Tedgirl oversized alpaca/wool-blend coat by Max Mara. Its cool blue color instantly lights up the room. Inside, you’ll be tempted to keep it on and curl up inside it for a nap!

Marie Claire lines up a few of this season’s coat choices as well. The Hazina double-breasted trench-type coat by Malene Birger gives a fresh look to the traditional button design that disappears under two white lapels, and its olive tone goes with virtually everything. On the print side, Prada’s metallic brocade coat shines in a gorgeous bright green print. And don’t fret, puffer-coat fans! They’re still here! DKNY’s asymmetrical hooded puffer can be easily packed for that weekend jaunt.


As tons of color trends like red, orange and purple swept the fall runways, pistachio consistently topped the list. Head-to-toe looks in this True Fashionista off-green hue just plain work. Designers like Sally Lapointe and Jil Sanders are happily drowning in it and so are we. Its as addicting as the nut itself, without having to work through the shell to get to the prize! (Who What Wear)


As the 2019 world can be quite the scary place, it’s no surprise then that rebellious looks are on the map in a big way this fall, harking back to the punk rock and new wave movements of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Still, there’s an air of modern-day hope. It’s the look that never entirely left, complete with combat boots, everything black, mohawks, and…pretty lace dresses, serving to prove that sometimes, opposites really do attract. Alexander McQueen and Preen by Thorton Bragazzi are just a couple examples of gorgeous black lace creations to add to your collection. Bragazzi takes it a step further, adding fishnet stockings to an ensemble that’s at once a throwback and forward-facing.


Apparently reliving the past is a hot trend this year. As its not enough to relive your college days, the runways also showcased a return to ballroom gowns with pretty puffy sleeves, capes and Victorian neck ruffles so out of control it nearly hid the heads of the models wearing them. It’s a True Fashionista way to enjoy the classics with a twist.


Go ahead, layer all those knits on top of each other. Think sweater-sweater, scarf over sweater, whatever! The possibilities are endless and completely up-to-date. What? You don’t even feel like getting up once there’s a chill in the air? Trends this season are pointing to quilting in everything from trousers to evening gowns. Patchwork is wrapped into this trend as well, so the bed could just come with you to the coffeemaker. Coach and Rachel Comey both made a big splash on the patchwork tip this year. Before you say no way, just go with it. They did.

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