Oftentimes in a home remodel, the garage may be an afterthought. Before you realize it, the place designed mainly to store your cars and tools has become a clearinghouse for overflow. Lately, however, the garage has been doing some growing up, recently receiving recognition from the New York Times as the “final frontier in home renovation.”

Owners are discovering that the room surrounding their four-wheeled investments has as much potential to reflect lifestyle, personality and character as the rest of the house;  a garage remodel becoming a chance to not just showcase their cars but an opportunity to create a warm, inviting hangout area and/or auto-centric entertainment spot.

“The showroom garage is becoming one of those amenities that the high-end buyer is looking for,” said Mitchell Cal for MansionGlobal.com. “For many buyers, the garage is just as important as the kitchen or living room. They want a space that is just as beautiful as the main living areas of the home.” Architect Paul Maki concurs, indicating that the typical garage redo features radiant in-floor heating, a concrete or epoxy floor, sheetrock walls with wood or metal wainscoting, custom cabinetry, a high-end door and decorative lighting.


Let’s just get it out there: the showroom garage will be pretty much man cave central. Start the process with the most obvious things for your Florida space: extending your house HVAC system into the garage for effective air conditioning and humidity control. Decoist recommends that properly upgrading the walls is also essential, not just for climate control but acoustics as well. Go for a good insulation and add a dry wall on top of it all to keep the Florida heat at bay. Since insulation extends to the ceiling and the garage door, you might want to plug any cracks and crevices to more securely seal the area.

While you’re at it, a floor upgrade from the concrete slab is also a good idea. A good non-slip interlocking floor tile can instantly offer your garage a showroom look, whether you go traditional checkered-style or a single color.


Since you’re creating a space where you’ll be spending a solid chunk of time, no doubt you’ll be bringing your electronics with you. As you plan out your garage remodel, take into account additional electrical wiring and Wi-Fi capabilities.

We’d love to talk about ideas for your garage remodel! With close to 20 years of remodeling and construction experience, J. Sweet Construction offers an educated viewpoint with honesty and integrity every time.

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